Automobilia covers a vast range of items. The term is used to describe any historical artifact or collectible linked with motor cars and related areas, such as motor racing and motorsport personalities. In common usage the term is taken to specifically exclude fully or partially complete vehicles, although componentry may be termed automobilia if its ownership is primarily for memento value rather than for practical use.

Historically we used to include items in this category in our biannual collectors sales however unless timing of sale is critical most items of Automobilia are sold in our Classic Car & motorcycle auctions. We have achieved some outstanding prices and our living internet bidding system ensures that we reach the global market of collectors. In fact several items from our first sale in July 2016 were shipped out to Australia.

Demand remains strong for enamel signs and petrol pump globes and motorcycle spares always sell very well. If you have an item or collection of automobilia that you wish to sell, then please contact our expert valuer:

Andrew Spicer
Saleroom Manager, Valuer & Auctioneer

t: (01377) 253151