Please note that some of our commission rates and buyers premiums are different for our Classic Car, Motorcycles & Automobila auctions to those for other sale catagories. Details are as follows:


Commission on vehicles (cars, motorbikes, boats & vintage tractors) is 5%, no loss and damage cover is offered on these items, vendors should keep their own insurance in place and inform their insurer.

Commission on automobilia is 15% plus 1% loss and damage.

Entry to the catalogue for vehicles is as follows, cars £100 for a 1/4 page illustrated entry, motorbikes £50 for an 1/8 page illustrated entry. Larger insertions by discussion. This is payable whether the lot is sold or not.

All plus VAT at the current rate.


Premium on vehicles (cars, bikes, boats & vintage tractors) is 10%.

Premium on automobilia is 15%.

All plus VAT at the current rate.

All other terms and conditions detailed in our Auction Information section apply