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May 21, 2017

Benidorm or Bust Rally: 3 Over Par To Raise Cash For Dementia UK

Dee Atkinson & Harrison have agreed to support and promote the venture of three local men who will be hitting the road as they take part in the Benidorm or Bust Rally - a challenge that sees people try and get old cars from the UK all the way to Spain.

Nigel Sparks, Dan Hickingbotham and Chris Hedgecox (not in photo) will aim to get their wacky creation, hundreds of miles across Europe while raising money for Dementia UK.

For this epic journey the trio will be driving a 1999 VW golf 1.6 petrol, that already has covered 140,000 miles, yet none of the team are car mechanics !

Originally purchased for £205 on eBay, the lads set themselves a budget of £250 for the car and any repairs but this has gone over budget slightly because of decorating it in Astro turf.

Having read about the intrepid three on HU17.net Dee Atkinson & Harrison partner, Simon Dee, contacted Mr. Hickingbotham to suggest that his business gets involved. As well as making a company donation to the charity, To further promote their exploits and boost the charity funds, DA&H will donate a further £100 from their selling fee for every new property listed on the market to sell between now and the end of June. All property owners needs to do is quote the code ‘3OVERPAR’ when they give us the go ahead to sell.

Talking to Mr Hickingbottom, he said;

“As our car was originally a green colour and with it being the VW Golf model we decided that it would look really good if we could decorate it as a golf course/hole.”

“Our team name, 3 Over Par, came about as there are three of us attempting to make the car get to Benidorm and none of us are any good at golf.”

“We will start our journey officially at Dover on 7 June and finishes in Benidorm covering approximately 1400 miles, depending on navigation skills. However we will be leaving on 6 June to travel down to Dover. So in total we will covering around 1600 miles.”

“We are doing this as part of the Benidorm or Bust Rally which happens every year, it raises money for various charities by light minded people like us trying to get old cars to Benidorm.”

“The hardest part of it was getting the Astro turf to bond onto the metal work of the car. After trying a few different methods and a test drive we finally got it to stick.”

As a keen golfer, Simon was particularly impressed with the rear wiper that has been adapted to look like it is hitting a golf ball - see the video below.

Their chosen charity to raise money for will be Dementia UK, Mr. Hickingbotham says they settled on that cause as they each know someone who has been impacted by the condition. When they finally get to Benidorm the car will be scrapped and the money from that will also be donated to charity.

You can make a donation by visiting their just giving page;


Full details of how to get Dee Atkinson & Harrison to add a further £100 per house we sell can be found on our website in the blog section where this article is also featured.

Just click on the request a valuation button on our sales home page and enter the code in the message section.