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Authentic Banksy art work to be sold in our May Fine Art Auction

April 11, 2018

Dee Atkinson & Harrison have been asked to auction a piece of authentic Banksy art work in their Fine Art & Antiques auction on the 11th May.

Entitled Bomb Middle England, it is a silkscreen printed in colours in 2001, numbered 337/500, published by Pictures On Walls of London, on woven paper. It carries an estimate of £3,500/4,500.

As with all works of this nature documented provenance is very important to realise a good result on the day and this one comes with it; having been sold as lot 305, on the 3rd March 2011 by Bloomsbury Auctions of London, 03/03/2011. Previously it had been sold by the gallery Pictures On Walls of London. It comes with a certificate of authenticity from Pest Control.

Bomb Middle England was originally released in 2001 as an edition of 500 prints, 50 of which were signed. According to the Banksy Edition website, Banksy uses the image of women bowling with bombs to highlight the dangers of the medias glamorisation of the violence of war. It is a critique on the predictable structure and mild ennui that seems to define or threaten English middle class structure.

The original of this work was sold by Sotheby's in 2007 for £102,000 including buyer's premium; last year a rare signed example sold for £22,000 plus premium.

Having risen from humble beginnings in Bristol as an outsider even within the subculture of graffiti art, Banksy is arguably one of the most famous artists of this generation. Alongside others, Banksy is accredited with graffiti's transition from ˜bubble writing' and aerosol abstracts to the narrative-driven ˜street art'. Plastering cities with his trademark rat or painting imagined openings in the West Bank barrier between Israel and Palestine, Banksy has an international reputation that precedes his anonymous identity.

However, beyond the streets, Banksy has pioneered the use of alternative venues and forms for display as seen in his 2003 Turf War warehouse exhibition, his large number of Di-Faced Tenners, counterfeit £10 notes produced and given away following the death of Lady Diana Spencer. Banksy's latest project was the temporary theme park Dismaland, constructed in the seaside resort town of Weston-super-Mare in Somerset. Prepared in secret at a disused lido, Dismaland opened during the weekend of 21 August 2015 and closed permanently on September 27 same year. When Dismaland closed its doors, it was decided that the leftovers should be recycled and turned into shelters for displaced migrants at the migrant camp near Calais, France.

It is a very local topical subject after the recent appearance of a believed third Banksy in Hull in three days in February. The new work features a young girl sitting next to a dead bird, or 'Dead Bod' and has appeared on the side of a mechanic's workshop.

Previously a stencilled design depicting a child carrying a wooden sword with a pencil attached to the end, under the text "Draw the raised bridge!" was found on a permanently raised bridge, situated on Scott Street in the Wincolmlee area of the city. Images of the mural were shared on Banksy's official Instagram account on Friday.