Residential Sales

Home not selling?

If your property has been on the market for an extended period of time, the important thing is not to give up. If you are still committed to sell, speak to us about the options available to you. We will not only match your existing fee agreement but we will also be able to discuss taking over any withdrawal charges you may be liable to pay to your existing agent. We will do everything we can to help get things moving for you.

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We will sell your property!

No matter how carefully you have chosen your agent, it is not always the case that they are able to find a buyer. Time and time again we have been able to sell a property that has been on the market for an extended period of time with another agent.

This is because we have many services not offered by other agents, which if instructed will inject a new sense of energy into the sales and marketing drive behind the property. We have also been able to utilise our huge database of ‘hot buyers’ that has instantly led to a flow of fresh viewings.

If you feel your sale is taking too long or the number of viewings for your property is slowing down, it may be time to call us. This is an easy process which can be actioned very quickly. Call us or alternatively visit one of our branches.

**If you have instructed another agent on a sole selling rights basis, the terms of those instructions must be considered.

Have you considered let-to-buy?

In some circumstances your property may not sell as quickly as you would like. This could be frustrating, especially if you have found your dream home and want to make a confident offer.

When one of our clients find themselves in this situation, the last thing we want is for them to lose out on their potential new home. In such cases we can discuss the possibility of a ‘let-to-buy’. This is when a client lets their existing home in order to facilitate a quicker move to a new residential property. Our sales staff work closely with financial advisers and lettings managers so they can offer advice on mortgages, legal matters and finding a tenant.

With the demand for rental properties so high, finding suitable tenants is a serious option that we can arrange for you. For many of our clients ‘let-to-buy’ has facilitated their dream move, with some keeping their old property as a permanent investment from which to draw an extra monthly income, for others it is a quick fix until an appropriate buyer is found.