Tips for Selling your Home in winter
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Tips for Selling your Home in winter

Does the idea of selling your house in winter leave you cold? You may have heard that winter is the worst time of the year to sell your home, but here at Dee Atkinson Harrison, we believe there are some surprising advantages to selling in winter.

While spring and summer may be the most popular seasons during which to sell, that doesn't mean putting your house on the market in winter is a no-no. Here's why.

Benefits of selling your home in winter

Although there's truth to the idea that fewer homes are put on the market during the winter months, don't let that put you off selling when the temperatures dip. Fewer homes equals less competition, which means your home has far more opportunity to stand out from the others than in the more popular summer months.

As well as having fewer properties to compete against, there's the added advantage that people who view properties in winter tend to be more serious about buying. It's unlikely, on a cold winter's day, that anyone will make the effort to go out to a home viewing unless it's something they're really serious about.

Due to these two factors, many properties listed in winter months sell more quickly than those listed in spring and summer. So if you do decide to list your home at this time of year, we have some tips for making the place look as good as possible, therefore giving it the best chance of selling quickly.