Add Luxe to Your Bedroom if You’re Serious about Selling
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Add Luxe to Your Bedroom if You’re Serious about Selling

Unlike kitchens and bathrooms, the beauty of these tips is that you can take most things with you to your new home!

Go large with lamps

Use bold, dramatic bedside lamps to create impact and add a sense of luxury to your room. Choose simple, classic designs and make sure they are always turned on when buyers are inspecting your home no matter what time of day it is. This not only adds warmth and a sense of space but also creates a nice atmosphere.


Drape luxurious throws

Same image for this one (above). Layer a throw over the bed, and make sure it’s not too small (this can look cheap instead of luxurious). Neutral colours in the master bedroom, as shown here, create a restful feeling, especially if the room is small, or it’s ‘all about the view’.

Create a reading nook

If size permits, add an armchair and a small side table to create a reading nook. You can also add lamps, scatter cushions and a footstool – your buyers will love this extra living space and it gives the room a further feeling of being restful. When you don’t have viewers it also serves as a good clothes horse - but don’t forget to tidy it up when the viewers start to come!


Position your bed correctly

Choose the best position for the bed in your room. This can have a dramatic impact on your buyers’ perception of the size of the room (and they all want rooms that are as spacious as possible). Also, consider access to wardrobes and windows. Avoid having a bed beneath the window and make sure you can access both sides of the bed so not pushed up against a wall. If you like a super-king or emperor size bed and it makes the room look small, consider putting it into storage when the house is on the market and by a cheap base and mattress to get you through (this also helps with our next suggestion. Experiment with a few options until you find what works best and if you have little or no option then if you are going to do it then do it like the next image!


Use oversized linen

This is a great professional stylists trick! Use linen that is one size larger than your bed (for example, on a Queen-sized bed use King-sized linen) to make your bed look sumptuous, luxurious and expensive. So as we said in the last suggestion if you downsize your bed, you already have the oversized linen.


Buy new bed linen & headboards

Sorry to repeat this one but just in case you didn’t read it last month, here it is again. This might seem extravagant but the good part is they are something that you can take with you to your new home. Get rid of patterned duvet covers and replace them with some neutral coloured alternatives and buy some extra cushions. A tall headboard gives a bedroom the boutique hotel look and together they are a relatively cheap way to give a bedroom the wow factor.

Choose calm, restful colours

Create a sophisticated palette for the master bedroom by using neutrals – such as white, taupe, silver, gold, charcoal – and steering away from bright prints and patterns. These colours have universal appeal and are gender-neutral, so will appeal to both male and female buyers. Studies have shown that a softer colour palette has a measurable calming effect on the body and people will stay in these rooms longer to relax and enjoy the calm – which is exactly what you want your buyers to do! If you can introduce some natural materials like wood to the floor or even the headboard then that is also recommended.


This article is brought to you by Simon Dee of Dee Atkinson & Harrison. A property professional with over 30 years experience selling houses.