DA&H Sponsorship helps raise over £34,500 for Brain Tumour Research

DA&H Sponsorship helps raise over £34,500 for Brain Tumour Research

We were recently asked to be the main sponsor of the 'Grab Life by the Balls' charity New Years Eve Ball which were were honoured and very pleased to do having tragically lost a dear friend to several of our team during the summer of last year.  At the time, the five organisers set a fairly ambitious target of £20,000 that they hoped to raise!

Three months of planning, begging and hard work was rewarded when they handed over a cheque to Brain Tumour Research for £33.870.  A few last minute generous donations have now taken the total to over £34,500.  The level of support has blown everyone involved away and proved that the selfless British public knows the importance of helping to fund these amazing charities.  You just never know when a life-changing event is going to tip a families world upside down.

Well done to everyone involved; the organisers, the sponsors, those that donated raffle and auction prizes and those that attended the Ball, bought raffle tickets, gave food and drink, lent a helping hand or just donated. 

Anyone who would like to try to help get the amount raised to £35,000 can still do so at https://www.justgiving.com/fundraisi…/grablifebytheballsball