Round 2 of The Countryside Productivity Grant Scheme is now open for Applications;
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Round 2 of The Countryside Productivity Grant Scheme is now open for Applications;

The grant scheme provides 40% grant funding on purchases of new equipment to improve technical efficiency, animal health and welfare, resource efficiency and nutrient management within sectors of UK Agriculture and Horticulture.

Scheme Criteria

• Applications close midday 3rd September 2019

• Minimum Grant £3,000 ( Minimum spend on standard costs £7,500)

• Maximum Grant £12,000 ( Maximum spend on standard costs £30,000)

• Grant Funding 40% of Standard Costs stated in Handbook

• Claimants from Round 1 can still apply under round 2 if their Round 1 grant was less than £9000 and the round 2 grant would be £3000 or more.

• Claimants must be able to buy the items within 150 days of the grant funding agreement being offered. Check availability of items to ensure they can be on the farm before the final claim date.

• For succesful applicants final claims expected to be required by Late February 2020.

Examples of Funded Items:

· Livestock handling equipment/ electronic weigh systems

· Cameras for monitoring livestock

· Grassland sward Lifter

· UV water treatment for livestock drinking water

· Autosteer kits for older tractors

· Variable rate controller for Sprayers/ Fertiliser spreaders

· Slurry dribble bars / shallow injection systems.

· Direct Drills 3m

· Cover Crop Roller 3m or 6m

· Grain Stirrers ( on a gantry)

· Humidity Controller for grain drying & dehumidifiers

· Thermal imaging cameras

For the full list of funded items please follow this link:

To see how this scheme may benefit your enterprise please contact one of the team at Dee Atkinson Harrison - Rural. Tel: 01377 253151

Click here to see our pdf for more information