Basic Payment Scheme 2020 & Entitlement Trading
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Basic Payment Scheme 2020 & Entitlement Trading

Basic Payment Scheme applications are expected to open on the 12th March 2020 with applications to be submitted by 15th May 2020

2020 will be the last year BPS Payments will be made at the full value. As part of the Agriculture Bill payments are expected to reduce on a sliding scale from 2021 to nil by 2027 with a new Environmental Land Management Scheme being introduced by 2025.

We know that the Rural Payments Agency are proposing to de-link payments from land from 2022 and they will potentially base remaining years payments on a historic reference period, we do not know which year(s) will be selected to form the reference period, it can be any time up to 2022. It is therefore sensible to ensure you can claim the Basic Payment Scheme on all of the eligible available land you hold with the matching number of entitlements.

We are actively trading basic payment scheme entitlements for 2020

Please contact us if you have entitlements to sell or are looking to buy.

Please find below our current entitlement listing;

No. Entitlements             Region                         VAT                Asking Price  

102.66                              EOUT NON SDA           Yes                 OFFERS

4.14                                   EOUT NON SDA           Yes                 OFFERS

For further information or advice please contact the Rural Team on: 01377 253151