Safe Activities To Get You Through Self Isolation

Safe Activities To Get You Through Self Isolation

Whilst self-isolating, one thing a lot of us will have gained is sometimes. A lot us will not be used to spending so much time at home, so here are some activities that can be done safely, to curb any boredom:

1. Board games
Its’s the perfect time to dust off the family favourites, whether that be Monopoly, Uno, or Cluedo. Board games offer some great household fun and provide a break from electronic devices.

2. Arts and Crafts
Many of us will enjoy drawing or painting but never have enough time to do it. Now is the perfect time to start a new art project. It can be a great family activity to do with your children too.

3. Gardening
With Spring finally here it’s time to pay attention to our gardens and tidy them up. Spending time mowing the lawn, weeding, or planning new bulbs will give you some time to get some fresh air, as well as create a perfect garden. It is also a great time to dig out your outdoor furniture so that you can spend more time outside.

4. Baking
Baking is an activity that all generations can enjoy. Dig out those recipe books or search the numerous cake recipes online to make a tasty treat.

5. Cooking
Now is your chance to get creative in the kitchen and have more time to cook healthy meals. If you’re concerned at not having the right ingredients, there are many websites online that allow you to input what ingredients you do have. That way you can make use of what you have in the cupboards and get some inspiration.

6. Fitness routines
It’s always important to get some exercise each day, but with us now spending all of our time at home, we may need to get more creative. You can go outside for a walk or a run, or do an exercise routine at home. There are plenty of resources on social media and online that you can follow along with. You could even do this in your garden to get some fresh air. Some examples are Joe Wicks or the NHS Fitness Studio exercise videos.

7. Film days
We can have some well-loved lazy days on the sofa watching some family classics, or entire seasons of favorite TV shows. We all deserve the time to binge watch some TV.

8. Spring cleaning
Now is the perfect time to be house proud. A good spring clean is a positive way to stay motivated. When you enjoy your environment you often feel happier, so why not try and improve your living space.

9. Going for a walk
With spring finally upon us we have brighter days. Going for a walk can help to break up the day and get some vital vitamin D and exercise.

10. Online Resources
There are so many resources that can curb boredom online. You could learn a new skill using sites such as Future Learn or turn to YouTube for some video tutorials. Alternatively, you can spend time listening to music or some podcasts. One that is close to our heart is to look for a new home for when we beat covid-19 and life returns to normal. Some properties have 360 virtual tours that mean you can see them in more detail.

There are endless options available to suit any preferences so there will be something for everybody to enjoy!