Our Estate Agency After Lockdown

Our Estate Agency After Lockdown

What is the new normal for our Agency? We have taken great care to ensure that the reopening of our business has been done in a responsible way to protect the safety of our staff, customers and the general public. Here we explain what you can expect from us.


Our Driffield and Beverley offices are now open with a skeleton staff and working our usual opening hours, with those staff members who are going into other peoples homes continuing to work from home.  A full risk assessment has been carried out and measures put in place to protect anyone working in the offices and visitors. The main difference is that we are working the offices with a 'locked door policy' which means that all visitors to the branches must have made a prior appointment for them to be allowed in. This gives us the opportunity to get written confirmation that they are well and will adhere to our rules on social distancing and sanitation. See our Office Visitors protocol CLICK HERE.

Appraisals & Professional Valuations

Our Valuers are now allowed to visit potential clients homes to advise them on a marketing strategy and give recommendations on asking prices.  Once again, these are only being carried out with strict protocols being followed to maintain social distancing and the safety of all concerned.  See our valuation protocol CLICK HERE.


Where the property owner, occupier or Landlord is happy for viewings to proceed then they will be carried out by the occupier or, on empty properties by a member of our staff.  We have strict government guidelines to follow and we have also added some rules of our own to make viewings as safe as possible. See our viewing protocol CLICK HERE.

Rental Inspections

We will only be able to carry out a rental inspection with the cooperation and agreement of the tenant.  If the tenant agrees then we will adhere to similar protocols to those in place for viewings.

Property Management & Maintenance

Our property manager and administrator are working hard to coordinate contractors to carry our essential repairs to properties in our managed portfolio.  Contractors are required to adhere to similar protocols to those in place for our viewings and valuations.

Follow the basics and we will beat the virus together!